I miss the view and the lists in the "message" list like favs, boost, polls or more importantly "new members".

@crossgolf_rebel Not sure to understand, you mean in notifications ?

OK. So just click on three vertical dots in notifications. Then check display all categories. That's done.

After notifications, the next feature fedilab removes from its app?
Yay. Gonna have to look for some alternatives.

Uhm. When I installed fedilab some time ago, I had a thing called 'notifications'.
So I got a message when someone mentioned me. (and so on)

And then one update came, and the phone went silent.
Ok. A + for digital self care. But a - for my FOMO.


I think I understand what @M mean.

I have not received any notifications for over 3/4 of a year. I have selected a ✅ ->Push notifications under notifications and then the choice between UnifiedPush and my Gotify server.
Neither works.
And also switching between push servers only works sometimes.

That's why I've been hoping for the new app for over half a year, that the notifications would finally work.

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