We have a deal on the common charger! 🇪🇺

This means more savings for EU consumers and less waste for the planet:

🔌 mobile phones, tablets, cameras… will all use USB type C
🔌 harmonised fast-charging technology
🔌 unbundling of sale of chargers

#SingleMarket #DigitalEU



That means Apple has finally relented and doesn't get special treatment?

@rumo @EU_Commission Yes. Apple will have to abide by these rules. All manufacturers will have until 2024 to prepare.

@TomEtty @rumo @EU_Commission I heard a rumour about Apple wanting to ditch wired charging altogether, just to defy the EU.

@altim @rumo @EU_Commission I imagine that the wireless charging pads would still have to use usb-c, though I’m not sure if they are specifically mentioned.

@altim @TomEtty @rumo @EU_Commission I wouldn't pay much attention to rumours. If Apple does make the iPhone portless it will have more to do with easier and cheaper design and reclaiming the space for extra battery than spite.

@TomEtty @EU_Commission @rumo @ianbetteridge You’re probably right but big tech is always trying to fight or avoid market regulation.

@TomEtty @EU_Commission @rumo @ianbetteridge The great disadvantage of wireless charging is that it requires a considerable amount of energy and more time.

@altim @TomEtty @EU_Commission @rumo Yep. It would be great to trade a port for more battery for most people -- but not if it means adding an extra hour to charging and a bigger electricity bill.

And it's annoying on the go, like in a train, or when you keep using while charging. No wired would be a dealbreaker for me.
@TomEtty @EU_Commission @rumo @ianbetteridge

@altim @TomEtty @EU_Commission @rumo Only where it can win. See also the response of car companies moving to electric - which is mostly down to emissions standards and regulations set by the EU (and NOT to compete with Tesla, who are a rounding error compared to the big guys)

@TomEtty @rumo @EU_Commission
Notice how charging with a cable is not optional, therefore Apple can't just nope out of this one by removing all ports from the iPhone :)

@rumo @EU_Commission I mean they already have usb c on their mac books and ipads. Also Thunderbolt which usb c is based on was developed by Apple (and Intel) so it would be weird if they wouldn't use it.

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